Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazarus-64, not actually 64 bit but still blows our minds - Hack a Day

Shout out from one of our fav sites: Lazarus-64, not actually 64 bit but still blows our minds - Hack a Day

Finally getting somewhere

Ah...finally some results. Good bye old web host - hello new host. Professionals who know what they're doing. A nice change.

Monday, September 27, 2010

LucidScience videos on YouTube

The same videos on the main site are also on the LucidScience YouTube channel:

Our first email!

Here's our very first email. Thanks, Aden!

"Hello. First of all thank you. Your detailed breakdowns of your projects are amazing. I just have a few questions if you don't mind answering them.

Your Lazarus-64 Prototype is amazing, i could only wish i could do something similar in the near future. I am currently studying computer engineering and hope to gain the knowledge of this kinda stuff. I have played around with atmega328 (i think) with video processing.

But i think i needed a setup like yours where i use ext memory buffers. as when i tried to add simple screen buffer to allow me to make simple animations. the picture became unviewable due to the processor intense code.

But i am just wondering, did you study electronics/embedded systems at college or uni or just learn on your own? (mainly self-taught well over 30 years, but also Electronics Diploma in college)

How old are you? (not trying to be creepy, i am just wondering due to the amount of knowledge you have) (40s)

Do you work in electronics/embedded system design? (yes)

Thank you again."

Yes, the site still needs lots of work, but we're getting 'er done as quickly as possible so you can post your questions and comments there very soon. We were expecting to launch in late October, but we've been fielding so many messages to get it up sooner. Patience, people! 

The electronics forum should be up and running in two days, if all goes well. Upload speed is pretty lame today. Will blog when the forum is ready. Your questions will be answered in detail in the new forum coming very soon. Stay tuned.