Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This project shows you how to turn 1.5 volts into almost 400 volts, creating a hand held device capable of charging high voltage capacitors or delivering a low current high voltage shock. Using only the tiny circuit board from a cheap disposable camera, you can step up the voltage from a single AA battery to a level that is three times higher than the voltage coming out of your AC wall outlet! Of course, the output current is extremely low, but make no mistake - the high voltage output from this handheld taser/zapper is painful enough to make anyone jump up to the ceiling.

This circuit can also be used to make a small florescent light inverter, front end charger for a Marx generator, or any other device needing several hundred volts of high frequency power. Voltages over 1000 volts can also be generated from this circuit by increasing the DC power supply or by changing the single transistor to one that can handle a higher current. Of course, the circuit shown here will deliver more than enough voltage to make you afraid to test the device on yourself more than once! 

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