Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DVD player autopsy tutorial - LucidScience Electronics from the Fringe

The dissection of an older DVD player showing the useful parts that can be salvaged.

Broken DVD players contain many usable electronic and mechanical parts

As a mechanical and electronic appliance, a DVD player includes many useful parts for electronics and small robotics projects. Most DVD players have at least two motors, many gears and mechanical bits, a power supply circuit board and a large main board. Although modern manufacturing has reduced the size of the circuit boards on most every day appliances, using as many large scale semiconductors and surface mount components, it is still possible to salvage many of the larger through-hole mounted semiconductors for your own use.

Older electronic appliances usually have more salvageable components inside, but never pass up an opportunity to collect new, old, broken or working electronic devices for addition to your ever expanding junk pile.

 Several circuit boards salvaged from an older DVD player

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