Monday, December 6, 2010

Spy robot with night vision - LucidScience gallery project

Figure 0 - This simple to build spy includes night vision and payload delivery
This simple to build spy includes night vision and payload delivery

This small remote controlled spy robot can traverse practically any outdoor terrain, controlled via audio and video link from a portable base station. The spy robot also has an infrared LED array and a low lux camera for great night vision, allowing it to see in complete darkness for several hundred feet. Combined with a very high gain microphone and preamplifier, the small spy robot makes a great drone to send into areas that are too dangerous to occupy or when complete stealth is necessary. The spy robot can also carry small payloads and drop them under remote control by activating a solenoid.

The spy robot is built around a remote controlled toy 4x4 truck, utilizing the original drive electronics and transmitter to control the base. A powerful audio video transmitter is added so that the operator can control the spybot up to a mile away from a portable base station. Other features included on the spybot are: night vision LEDs, a panning camera head, high gain audio preamplifier, halogen light system, and a mechanical payload delivery system. Being small yet agile on hostile terrain, this spybot can sneak into restricted areas and just hide silently, sending back a clear audio and video signal even in complete darkness.

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